Sol Et Luna

by The Distant North

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released October 5, 2014

Produced and mastered by Johnny Renshaw at Bandit Studios.

All music and lyrics written by The Distant North.

Artwork by CJT Designs & Creative Media



all rights reserved


The Distant North Derby, UK

Ambient, melodic band situated in Derby.

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Track Name: Among Distant Whispers ft. Paul Green of Devil Sold His Soul
Standing taller than a father to a child,
Reaching wider than the corners of your eyes
A wall that's set in stone.
Shades of silence,
Among distant whispers, rumours flowing through waters of hope.
The past is deceased.
Light has been overcome,
Voices turn to darkness as clouds make us blind.
Light has been overcome,
Voices fade to darkness as clouds shroud our minds.

In this moment, our judgement is clouded.
Light presents itself, where our ambitions reside.

Like a slave to these feelings, bound by regret.


A ghost to the past.

This light through the darkness,
A time that brings us,
A voice once silenced,
A frozen answer,
A chosen witness,
A moment resolved or lost.

Breath is wasted, squandered on promises that can't be kept.
Articulate with actions; reveal the way to fix our broken wings.
This blackout will fade away.
Track Name: To See The Light
Crashing by so violently in these scenic moments.
Our flame burning bright, winds of time swaying from side to side.

The light intensifies blinding all to the core.
Everything standing so still in these shared glances,
empty faces, pulses racing,
waiting for our moment.

Time slows down, this beating shakes my hands.
Focus hazes, this is where we belong.
Track Name: Forests
The forest, we wait,
waiting in the cold.
The wolves as white as snow.
Promise me, only me, only me.
You'll wait until the clock hands stop, until the leaves fall to the frozen ground.
Track Name: Changing Seasons
The tide comes crashing on the rocks,
that lay across with jagged emotion.
Waves break the silence and salt our wounds.
This storm; not predetermined, such cruel fate.

Hope one day the water clears to show serenity.
The ocean survives but reveals bleakness within.

Hearts clear the mind, hearts cleanse the soul.
Slack water brings peace where once was despair.
The tide soothes the broken foundations,
but the past will never be forgotten.

Intentions fade into defeat,
The sea tranquil, the soothing sands
And now I know why perfection is hollow
the sun descends, the breeze caresses feeling.
The race is straining but still i keep chasing

Moments never last,
rain will start to fall,
warmth still lies ahead.
Moments never last.

Beyond the sky,
an empty promise
from the ashes of a lie.

A vacant tide,
a calming breeze to cease the thunder.
The waters are calm.